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Blurbero desde enero de 2014
Nombre de la empresa Carmontconsulting
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Acerca de mi empresa Niandi holds a degree in modern languages and linguistics and a post-graduate degree in Education from the University of Johannesburg. Niandi speaks English, French, and Afrikaans and has a working knowledge of German and Dutch.

Based inbetween Paris and the UK, Niandi specializes in presentation skills, public speaking, people management, influencing skills, collaborating effectively across cultures, team-building, negotiation skills and sales techniques. This has provided her with the opportunity and experience over the past 15 years to work with major multinational organizations in both the private and public sectors including a diversity of clients such as the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance and automobile industries.
Áreas de especialización Further training development in:

E-mail communication
Presentation skills
People Management
Communication Skills

Remote coaching and on-line training in:

Business English
English for Special Purposes

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