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Christa Neuenhofer
Blurbero desde junio de 2009
Nombre Christa Neuenhofer
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Bocholt, Germany
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación teacher
Mi biografía Christa Neuenhofer was born in 1949 in Germany. For many years she has travelled to countries in Asia, Africa and Central America. As she has a particular anthropological interest in tribal communities, she has visited quite a number of remote places, mainly in Asia. Especially in India she went to rural areas and took photos of tribal people and their traditional life - images of a cultural heritage which in only a few years will have been swept away by globalization.
She has published many of these photos on the Internet ( )

When visiting indigenous people she and her husband have always shown a special interest in what people believe. They had to notice that many religions vanish more and more due to still very active missionaries.
This curiosity in traditional faiths has now brought her to Togo and Benin to learn more about voodoo, a religion that has an increasing number of believers worldwide.