Daniel Hodges

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Being Jewish is awesome. I constantly admire it's many facets. I like to share those with my loved ones. During the time when my daughter was young, I would tell her stories. However she didn't look super engaged. Pondering why, I realized that SHE wasn't in the kids books we got from our synagogue.

So I started making up stories for her with issues that she faced. After I put her in them, she really brightened up. As she got bigger, I saw lasting effect on her and the friends with whom she shared them. So I decided that I would share them more widely.

My day job is a technical one and as far removed from fantasy as you can get. So I save up my creative juices and they comes out in these wonderful stories.

I love movies (and can quote many of them).

And of course... I LOVE TO READ!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and how I started writing.