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Marc Occil
Blurbero desde enero de 2012
Nombre Marc Occil
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Ubicación Boston MA 02145
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación "I am many things some of the time but I try to be a good man all the time."
Mi biografía The next step.

I used to think that I was afraid of very little. Tried hard as hell to live a life of “No fear” truth be told, I've learned that living a life of “No fear” truly means living in “total fear”. As of Late, fighting my fears was becoming all consuming.

Fear of what I know, fear of what I don't know, fear of where I'm going in my future. Will I do it on my own? Or will someone be by my side? In order to push forward I am admitting my fears in order to live a life truly of “No fear.” Problem is... I'm still scared. So, Into the fray I go.

I am Marc N Occil. I was born to see the world diffrently.