Michelle Sullivan

Chatham, IL 62629 USA
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At the core of everything I do is enhancement of inner peace. Whether at work, at home or with family and friends, inner peace in all my interactions is what I'm always focusing on.

Ever since a personal transformative experience about 30 years ago, I was taught & know for a fact we are all One, Eternal and Love/Peace (irregardless of how much it might seem to the contrary here on earth).

Sharing this fact via living it the best I can is what I've been doing ever since the experience.

Now it's time to write about it more publicly, starting with my niece, and soon to expand to others, including those at my workplace where I found a place for it under "customer service."

I'm most grateful for this site to allow me the opportunity to share.

In the true love is our true reality, which we're all here to learn / grow that evermore,