David Bjorkman

Boulder, Colorado USA
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During his career, David Björkman has worked as a photojournalist, war photographer, art director, Minimalist Color Field painter, fine arts instructor, collage artist, book illustrator, and book publisher.

As a photojournalist, he has been smuggled across borders at night and survived a chopper being shot out from under him. His photographs have been published in magazines in over 20 countries. To complete a book project,-he slept on the floor of a Lakota Sioux medicine man's house for weeks at a time.

He met writer Victoria Thomas while on assignment to document the Explorer's Club Chagres River expedition, (Flag 172), into the Darien Gap of Panama, to undertake an archaeological survey of a Chocó settlement, and to collect Chocó artifacts for the Smithsonian Institution. This settlement belonged to Chocó Chief Antonio Zarco, who taught the original U.S. Apollo astronauts jungle survival in case their capsule landed in the tropics on reentry.

Together they founded Zone913, Inc

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