Maryke Beveridge

Perth, Western Australia
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After following a serendipitous journey involving having a family, her number 1 reason for life, being a jack of all trades and master of none, working in the fitness industry, working with students and horses and qualifying as a life coach Maryke has decided to use Life Coaching as a healing tool to enlighten people from all walks of life in healing and opening their Hartz to its fullest potential.

Maryke developed Equi-Life Coaching and Healing Hartz from a base of compassion to make a difference in our world. With her ability to love and care for her fellow human being, it is her passion to assist you to discover your Hartz true potential. Knowing and believing even the smallest drop in the ocean of humanity can create the ripple effect of embracing change.

Equi-life Coaching adds the addition of the horse as a mirror to your soul.

Working from a deep spiritual understanding, it is with passion and compassion, she has giving birth to a new and more inspired view of life and love.

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