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C-suiteGlobal and MLCIA Publication Inc
Blurbero desde enero de 2014
Nombre de la empresa C-suiteGlobal and MLCIA Publication Inc
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Ubicación Montreal, Qc, Canada
Número de teléfono de la empresa (514) 697-7118
Acerca de mi empresa Sales Motivational Consulting
Marc Chabot is well known in selling at high levels and is renowned for opening new doors. Marc has been training people around the world mostly on “How to double your sales by working smart”. He also has been giving conferences to CEOs, MBA students and training professionals such as accountants, bankers, etc, with a high success to opening doors and working with the gatekeepers. The ROI is fantastic since we do live “Hot cold calls” during the sessions. The record to be broken is 7 calls in a row with 7 appointements to CEOs. When not training Marc coaches and proposes round tables for CXOs (see
Áreas de especialización High Level Sales
Sales seminars, presentations, sales rallies, sales training, sales program development for high profile banking, law firms and business consulting.