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Xavier Minguella
Blurbero desde abril de 2008
Nombre de la empresa Xavier Minguella
Sitio web de la empresa
Ubicación Spain
Número de teléfono de la empresa 0034.626297302
Acerca de mi empresa I am an amateur photographer since 1981 (I was born in Barcelona in 1970), but since 1995 as professional. I studied Photography is C.P.S.S. School in Brussels (Belgium).

I was working for a news magazine and between 1997 to end of 2003 I got my studio-store in the center of this capital city, working in commercial areas and producing reports for European Parlament, Europan Commission and other institutions.

My preferential subject is the human being, making humanistic reports or fine art ones, I don't like the kitch vision of weddings or the perfectionist "Velvia" reports, in analogic I worked a lot using big grain films as Kodak TMZ at 6400 iso speed and , in digital I still do it.

Esthetics is very important and composition, even if my looking is simple you have to understand the complexity of everything, in other words, everything is placed in the right place, casualities excluded.

Portraiture in studio I like it, but for me the best studio is a different place everytime...
Áreas de especialización Portraiture, Photojournalism, Fine Art, Advertising...
Afiliaciones profesionales At that moment none.

Cosas que no me importa que sepan todos

Alerta del narrador ansioso: creo que mi próximo libro será sobre...
I have many subjects to edit, one of them are, "La Cuba de Castro" (about reports made in 2001 in black & whithe films, Kodak TX, TMZ or Fuji Neopan 400 in 6X9 size film). Another one is "Just Women" (about nudity of women showing them as women, not as a desire object). Or "A world without faces" (showing many places of Europe without use the face of people).
Todos necesitan saber acerca de estos autores y artistas...
Jean-Loup Sieff is one of my favourite photographers, or Richard Avedon, W.E. Smith, etc.