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Born in the land of the midnight sun. World traveler, educated by mother nature and father time. A student of history, an addict of political commentary, and seeker of discovery in forgotten aspects of the natural universe. I love reading "how-to" books, and stories about Alaska. Always taking great delight in spirited discussions about technology, global politics, the market, and world news. Also prefer chai tea to coffee. Thank you for coming to visit. Please select any of the presented choices, and enjoy yourself by sharing the experience.

Favorite Books: Known and Unknown, Decision Points, An American Life, Profiles in Courage, Never Cry Wolf, Drop City, Unbearable Lightness of Being, Too Soon Old Too Late, 48 Laws of Power, The Mythical Man-Month, Moby Dick

Passions: Quiet horsepower, Wolfram, Martin Sargent, Leo Laporte, Ravens Football, furry creatures that taste good and make decent clothes, curiously strong peppermints, astrophysics, HAM radio and the smell of new shoes...

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