Liam Morgan

Bangkok, Thailand
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Born on the eastern coast of Canada in 1982, Liam Morgan is an autodidactic motion and stills photographer who has called Thailand his home since 2002. His past decade of work spans a variety of genres, from gonzo-esque documentary to musical portraiture to for-the-walls, fine art still-life to experimental medium-bending photo print-making. Not always comfortable in his role as photographer, much of Morgan's work subtly and introspectively comments on the nature of the photographic medium itself.
Liam Morgan's stills work has appeared in a variety of international publications, as well, he has been involved in creating works for the Goethe Institut, the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Sunbury Shores Art Centre, the Chiang Mai University Art Centre and the Doi Saket International Film Festival, among others. He is the director of a film called Smiley Dub, as well as various short films and music videos.

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