Leonidas Konstantinidis

Rumelange, Luxembourg
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Started taking photos when I was 15 with a Ricoh SLR camera FULL manual of MACRO animals. 10 photos to get maybe 1 good.It was fun with my uncle Stavros!!!
Then I have moved to MINOLTA 7Xi when I became older (28) and started again. I have used a small Olympus 2 Mpix for 2-3 years and then moved back again to Minolta 7D and a SONY A100. I still use my MINOLTAs (9000, 600si, 700si, Dynax 9, Dynax 7) with B&W films. Í have some MINOLTA lenses and I'll stay with SONY.
I have started for 2 years with the SONY A-100 and now II'm using the SONY A-200, A-700, A-850 and the A-900.
I like romantic pictures in nature or portraits. I love colors and animals BUT most of all I love Women and children portraits!!! Your comments are mostly welcomed to my books and will help me to improve my capabilities and technics!!!

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