Acerca del autor

Leonidas Konstantinidis
Blurbero desde julio de 2007
Nombre Leonidas Konstantinidis
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Rumelange, Luxembourg
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Electronic engineer and Amateur photographer
Mi biografía Started taking photos when I was 15 with a Ricoh SLR camera FULL manual of MACRO animals. 10 photos to get maybe 1 good.It was fun with my uncle Stavros!!!
Then I have moved to MINOLTA 7Xi when I became older (28) and started again. I have used a small Olympus 2 Mpix for 2-3 years and then moved back again to Minolta 7D and a SONY A100. I still use my MINOLTAs (9000, 600si, 700si, Dynax 9, Dynax 7) with B&W films. Í have some MINOLTA lenses and I'll stay with SONY.
I have started for 2 years with the SONY A-100 and now II'm using the SONY A-200, A-700, A-850 and the A-900.
I like romantic pictures in nature or portraits. I love colors and animals BUT most of all I love Women and children portraits!!! Your comments are mostly welcomed to my books and will help me to improve my capabilities and technics!!!

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