Laurel Tobiason

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From a thatched hut, illuminated by oil lamp, on the banks of Amazon River in Peru, I appreciate my Vermont home and the security it gives me, the community that supports me and the family that loves me.

How can I define myself? I’m a native Vermonter, back many generations. I love education, non-conventional usually. I garden (sometimes obsessively). And I love art and nature.

I’m married to Erik Tobiason for 33, fun filled, wonderful years. I don't know what I would do with out him!!
I’ve been a Teacher Assistant in the Agriculture department at Woodstock Union High School for 29 years. I love teenagers!
As a resident of Barnard, the beauty of Vermont overwhelms me every day.
I hike and do volunteer work on the Long Trail.
I love to travel with a purposes; learning, volunteering, educating, and adventure.

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