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Heather is at heart a country girl, having grown up in a semi-rural community in upstate New York. She spent a substantial portion of her childhood wandering her grandfather's farm in Pennsylvania, and most of her fondest memories from her youth are firmly rooted there. Now she lives in a rural area of Maine, and wouldn't trade her locale for anything.

She has often been described as "the girl next door," which captures one of the things people find most appealing about her--that she is 'a real woman.'

Some quotes from her admirers: Very few women can portray beauty, sensuality, class and all the while be so wonderfully adorable. || She is SO sensual! || She has a rare desirability. || Her face is so tender. || She is a wonderful, sensual, soft, delicate thing of beauty. || She has a look that enters the soul of the beholder. || She has beautiful, magnetic eyes that speak volumes. || She is radiant & sultry, and perfectly expresses sensual feelings and emotions.

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