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I think I have loved photography all my life, without realizing it. When my husband thrust a book about Digital Photography under my nose, 5 years ago, I was hooked.

As a former couch potato, my camera has taken me places, I would not have bothered about before. Short excursions from home and the occasional trip overseas.

Photography for me is like going out there and getting presents for free. And then when you get home and download all the images, you get to open the presents and having a look inside!

And when you work on each image in Photoshop, you not only get to savour each precious moment again, but every now and then you will get to see something (someone's expression or something outside your original line of sight) that you had missed in real time.

Being able to publish my images on Blurb has been a great way of displaying and sharing photos that would otherwise be sitting on my hard drive never seeing the light of day.

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