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Kendrew Lascelles
Blurbero desde febrero de 2009
Nombre Kendrew Lascelles
Ubicación City, State, CountrySunland, California, United States
Mi ocupación Novelist & screenwriter
Mi biografía Bio availaible under www. Kendrew Lascelles. IMDB I penned the screenplay Focus for the late Arthur Miller, as he did not think his novel would make a movie, and against the challenge of his saying, tell Kendrew if I say no it's no forever. He said yes. It's a good little movie starring William H. Macy and Laura dern, produced by Robert A. Miller and Michael Bloomberg (yes, Mayor Of NYC) and directed by Neal Slavin. My other movie, all mine, was based on Eichmann's trial in Israel when he confessed of a clash he had with Himmler over Himmler's secretive dealing with Manfred Weiss and his Hungarian heavy machinery factories. This piece exits in theatrical play format, but I fear the director rather botched my screenplay by rewriting (for want of a verb) it himself. My plays are in several outdated publications and I am now solely concentrating on writing novels, torrid romance adventure and all that. A revised Blood Oasis follows this newly revised Tamara Hunney, (soon to be a major n

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My next two books deal with Africa, BLOOD OASIS, soon to be published by, is set in Darfur, and CRADLES OF EDEN, is set in Zaire. I lived in Africa for over 20 yrs, hence I don't write of it without knowledge; nor is my fiction based so much on fantasy as social comment,as with Tamara Hunney and A Child's Guide To Heresy,the latter couched in research, of Arthur Edward Waite's The Book Of Ceremonial Magic . Tamara Hunney is a comment on current times and social decline.
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Tamara Hunney, reviewed by Robert A. Miller, among others, all 5 star reviews readable on, the taleof teenage pornstar and a Christian cowboy in post-holocaust U.S. The Blurb edition of this book is the latest and corrected of errors previously published by Trafford. A Child's Guide To Heresy, like Tamara Hunney, is a profound story for children as well as adults, albeit the language is true to the period. Again, 5 star reviews.