Jules Torti

Galt, Ontario, Canada
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Jules Torti's humble beginnings stem back to grade three when she wrote her autobiography (a detailed chronicle of tadpole catching and Poptart-eating with her wanderlust dog companion, Xanadu). She feeds her blog Alphabet Soup regularly with posts from the extremes of volunteering with chimps in Africa to surviving a hurricane-force windstorm-sandstorm-blizzard in Iceland.

Choosing to write about only the best things in life--travel, books, spas, cocktails and bacon, she has been published in The Vancouver Sun, NOW, Matador Network, Mabuhay (the official in-flight magazine of the Phillipines), Massage Therapy Canada and Canadian Running.

She lives in Galt, Ontario in a 150-year-old stone cottage on the Grand river with her true love.

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