Jonathan Self

Oxford, England
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Jonathan Self is a photographer, writer and editor living in Oxford, England.

A Christian, he is fascinated by people and the link between beauty and brokeness. Capturing that is a real joy - to show what connects us as humans and what links the divine to the ordinary. This often involves looking at things from the corner of the eye rather than from the centre – the face at the edge of the banquet, the woman leaving the church as everyone enters, the two people talking behind the stage. It’s in such detail that he delights and which acts as inspiration for his photography.

He spent much of the early noughties travelling around the world, visiting and photographing communities in India, Peru, South Africa and Swaziland. This included spending time on the Ground Zero site, witnessing HIV/AIDS work in Swaziland and South Africa, meeting community workers in two slum areas of Peru and paying many visits to orphanage and leprosy projects across India.

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