Jay Sheldon

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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During his 5 years as a Florida Internal Affairs Detective, Jay developed a unique perspective on life and people. In addition to working for 30 years on the air, and behind the scenes in Radio and Television.
He’s seen the best and worst of people and society, and has learned ways to deal with them all. He has trained classes on Police Ethics, Interview and Interrogation, and Body Language Techniques in Police Academies.
In entertainment, Jay has written radio and television scripts for dramas, comedies, short stories, and others.
He has directed and produced a number of features for television and short films, including The Disney Channel.
He has taught classes in On-Air style and promotions for the broadcast communications industry.
Jay loves making people think, question their values and mores and usually looks at the world through chartreuse-colored glasses.
A self-proclaimed “information junkie”, Jay lives with his partner and a black cat named Obsidian in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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