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Blurbero desde febrero de 2009
Nombre de la empresa JanKe
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Ubicación Belgium
Número de teléfono de la empresa 32 3 6531473
Acerca de mi empresa janKé. After years of working in commercial photography he directed his interests to black & white artistic photography. Projects such as Speecless, Silent Dialogues and Roots with Taboo brought him renown. He was inspired by the problems of Belgium's multicultural society, the co existence of various national and ethnic groups, the issues of a language barrier, and the lack of dialogue between the "old" (the native population) and the "new" Belgians (the immigrants).Attaching great importance to the social significance of his works, JanKé implants them into the context of public spaces (stations, airports and public transport), provoking the viewer to reaction and reflection. His projects have gained the support of the organization Sprakeloos, whose aim is to initiate discussion about social issues with the help of art.He has had numerous exhibitions in Belgium (in Antwerp, Bruges, Lier, Leuven and Ghent) in the USA (in Dallas and San Francisco) and in Poland (in Krakow)
Áreas de especialización Commercial and Fine Art photograpy. Photograpic illustrated projects about social issues.
Afiliaciones profesionales Production ofcalendars and books

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