Jane Summerfield

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'Professional Curiosity' is Jane's first book of published poetry. This collection was her final year project to complete her degree in English and American Literature with Creative Writing BA (Hons) at Kent University.
Striving to make poetry accessible to a wider audience outside the high academic literary sphere, she explores form and anti-form through contemporary subjects. With this particular collection, she at times relays day-to-day events with sarcastic flare, and her more intimate poems reach out to an empathetic audience.
Working and studying with a close group of like-minded people, DirtyLittle LoveBird Publishing was formed, and they composed their first Manifesto. Their ideals throw a variety of opinions and suggestions for people who want to explore writing. Confused by Post-Modernism the group want to discover what is happening now, whether it's something new, or 'Regurgitism'. Summerfield hopes to push their Publishing further, and become an Editor.