James R Pullman

Adelaide South Australia
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Born in the mid 60’s in Melbourne Australia, James has been a Christian since his mid teens. Married with four children he lives in Adelaide South Australia. Joining the Australian Air Force in 1989 he served as a supply clerk for almost five years. He left to attend Bible College where he studied Biblical theology for five years. He has been in ministry since 1995 in the capacity of preacher, teacher and youth worker. He is a passionate preacher, teacher and author of ten Christian books so far.

James writes in a conversational style that while not common, is very easy to read and understand by the average Christian who wants to study Biblical truth and get closer to God, but wants to read a book that is not written for theologians.

If you want to study the Bible and know God better and what it means to be a Christian, but want to read a book that you can easily understand and focuses on what Scripture teaches, then this author’s books are just for you.

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