Jeanne Poland

Hudson, NY, USA
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Jeanne Poland’s Publications
Children’s Stories: Every week in The Register Star
Books: The Rustling Leaves-The National Library of Poetry by Tyler 1998 A Poem: Cor Meum ( The Angel of Calligraphy)
Trade Journals:
1989 A Wedding of Letter and Flesh (Penscriptions)
The Sheepskin Redeemer: Donald Jackson (Society of Scribes)
1990 Those Carolina Scribes (Penscriptions)
Computer Messages That Sparkle (Penscriptions)
East Looks at West (Penscriptions)
1991 Young Calligraphers (Society of Scribes)
An Interview of Peter Thornton in UK (Penscriptions) and (Society of Scribes)
2005 Jeanne Poland: An Interview by Gabrielle LaFarge (Penscriptions)
2006 A Visit With Sid Freeman in Arizona (Penscriptions)
2007 An Interview with Nancy Culmone in NM (Penscriptions)
2008 Three Programs / Press Releases for Blue Hill Gallery Shows
Logos published in CorelDraw CoffeeTable Books for 3 yrs
Published an Adobe Creative Suite

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