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I love to travel and have a fascination with the history of the places I visit. I am trying to capture traces of the past in my photographs, but am equally fascinated by the ways in which places, buildings and spaces I encounter are used in the 21st Century. Of special importance of my work is the industrial heritage of cities and the changes these went through in the transformation from an industrial-oriented society to the world we live in now.

Other areas prominent in my photographic work are the quirky things I find when wandering around wherever my travels take him, such as old-fashioned shop windows and advertising signs. I also like to take photos of classic American cars and landscapes.

My latest project/book release called 'Anywhere Road' is a study of places that were prominent in the writer Jack Kerouac's life. The photographs in the book were taken on a number of trips taken from 2010 to 2012. For more information on the project visit

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