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Ilene Book
Blurbero desde agosto de 2009
Nombre Ilene Book
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Ubicación Silverdale, Washington, USA
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación artist - teacher
Mi biografía I live in Washington State with my husband Ed, and a funny dog named Hoodoo and two llamas.
I was an art teacher in public school full time for ten years but when I moved here I decided to put more of myself into my art. For years I have been filling sketchbooks with as many ideas as my brain would yield and it has been an adventure. Get out your pencils and create! My best muse is my inner child and I think all artists have to embrace that in themselves. Enjoy some of my fun, crazy, odd and imaginative drawings. Thanks to my husband Ed for making the book possible.
ILYM Eddie.

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A book of bookmarks. Over the years I have made thousands of them and like my sketchbooks, they are a way to get lots of ideas on paper. I sell them individually and have done well at this.
As far as I know this is a first book about bookmarks and I would be glad to sell you an original bookmark to go with it when it comes out.
For now, visit my website and see some other work.