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GeneE Research brings the world of genealogy and photography together, with the aim of providing the customer with an all-encompassing genealogy experience.

With our PhotoMyPast service we can take you back to where your ancestors lived, worked and played. Along with photos we can provide a complete history, if required, of the places your ancestors lived and grew up. Whether it is a simple search for a birth, death or marriage details, or the history of a particular house or village we will endeavour to provide a first class service with the aim of presenting you with your complete family history. As well as any research you might require, we also offer a top class Photo Restoration service.

Using all these skills we offer the customer a range of choices from the very basics right up to the production of top quality, personalised genealogy books.

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Personalised Family Books - based on the family's genealogy and social history

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Affiliate of The Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives

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