Gary Lister

Estes Park, Colorado, USA
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Gary Lister;s formative years were spent esperiencing an "Indiana Jones" life style while accompanying his parents on their archeological digs to sites throughout the world. His first exposures to photography were as a subject in his parent's research documentation. Often photographed standing besides ruin walls, pyramids, along side mummies, or climbing out of archeological caves, Gary was referred to "as scale."

At age 13 Gary was asked to document the photograph archeological finds while the Univ. of Colorado Archeology Dept. performed salvage work in the Sudan. Thus began a love for photography, and it was easier than digging all day in the hot sun.

During the last twelve years, Gary and his wife Barbara have crossed the meridians of the globe visiting and experiencing many of the earths ecosystems, geographic regions, seas and climatic zones. The focus of the travels have been to explore and photograph the diverse geography, cultures, peoples, and wildlife of the world.

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