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GagaPa’l Pueblo is a cultural-educational activity, which takes place every summer at the Anne Loftus playground in New York City.

Gaga Pa'l Pueblo’s mission is to open a space in the heart of the Dominican community to celebrate and retain the many fascinating manifestations of our cultural heritage, beginning with Gagá.

The importance of this activity is that it keeps in focus our music and dance traditions beyond Dominican Bachata and Merengue, while offering a healthy environment for a family day out.

The objective of Gaga Pa'l Pueblo is to expand our performance-workshops to other New York City parks to divulge and enjoy alongside Dominican Gagá, other expressions of our musical heritage, mostly unknown to the new generations of Dominicans born in the United States, such as Sarandunga, Palos, Congo, Priprí, Carabiné and Bamboulá

Hermandad Cultural GAGA pa'l PUEBLO Tel: 347- 630-1825