Virginia Beach, VA
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NEW YORK CITY, off Union Square, Max’s Kansas City Restaurant, were the breeding grounds for GABE’s pop sixties inspirations.

FRANK STELLA moved to New York from Boston, and after eight intense years in New York, GABE sought a more quiet introspection in Boston, Massachusetts.

ROY LICHTENSTEIN was assured red-velvet seating at Max’s. The Warhol clan signed ‘Andy’ on anything from bar bills to napkins. Janis Joplin could not be recognized at the end of the bar. Dylan popped in. Mick Jagger was overlooked for VIP treatment.

GABE was maitre’d / host at the center of the art world, and in the thirty-five years that followed, displayed his most prolific artistic talent.

Thousands of fine line drawings, pen and ink portraits, elaborate round decoupages, paintings, books, drawings, sketches, geometrics, writings and poems--all meticulously archived, catalogued and registered.

MAX ERNST introduced this style of collage but GABE perfected the art form, transforming it into d

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