Giraffe Family Press

Port Ludlow, WA
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I sell a children's Flip/Flop Book, Stor 1 & 2 titled Story 1"THE GIRAFFE THAT WORE A NECKLACE & Story 2 "MISTER GIRAFFE BOW-TIE & LONG GOLD CHAIN that includes an auto-run CD with the 5 part Giraffe Series on it with music & sound files. I also have a DVD of the 5 part Giraffe series all read to you with illustrations & music. I also sell a 32 part Learning Series on the alphabet, counting, colors addition subtraction, Dinosaurs, Sea Creatures, Insects, etc.

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I add music & sound files to the Learning CD & DVDS. I make jewelry, watches & neclaces, earrings & children's custom name bracelets with silver charms. I make custom wooden name trains also.

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