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Hello my name is Mildred Lucille Fraser, I'm so happy to have the opportunity to be able to reach out and touch someone with my poetry, photography and inspirational writings.
God has blessed me so much I can't help but Praise Him.
I find that being a mother is up there at the top of my favorite things list. I have always been pretty much a loner you can say as it relates to my fellow mankind. But I've always had a sense that God was watching and whispering to me.
I love to express myself through writing poetry, as a child in grade school I wrote a lot. When I became a mom I kind of let it go when I was doing all those motherly things. Then one day I was talking to God, Praying, that’s what I was doing, and I said, "God now that my children are grown and don't seem to need me as much, will you give me a job that I enjoy doing". That very same night, early in the morning The Holy Spirit started speaking to me through beautiful lyrics that I Just had to ge

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My next book will be of witnessing on my walk with Christ as my Sheppard. I have soo many books in me because I listen to the whispers of the Lord. They are like labor pains contracting to be delivered. You will be blessed by them. All glory goes to the Lord my God.
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I am driven to witness and I encourage everyone that I meet to do the same. God's word says, "Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you" Mark 5:19 You will experience the fullness of life's peace, joy and happiness when you allow God to have His way in your life. When you put God first seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, all else will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33
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If you love the Lord as I do you just can't stop once you have tasted the sweet manna that He provides in His word. You will become like a sweet frangance when you relinquish yourself to God your maker. My books are inspirations from God The Holy Spirit. If you want to get to know God read His book the Bible but if you can't understand it just yet try reading " God Planted A Garden In Our Heart" first. I know you'll thirst for more and you'll find yourself picking up your bible more