Bjorn Sjogren

San Antonio, Texas
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Born in Sweden; living in the USA since 2001.

I create pictures using my life experiences, often mingled with my present inner feelings and a kind of Scandinavian simplicity of design. The title is placed beneath the image to let the words interact with the design above – the viewer’s brain then produces the full picture.

How long does it take me to make one of my pieces?
A lifetime – all my experiences have shaped the way
I create.

In the 25 years since I started to paint, I have heard comments that my work looks like or reminds people of Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Jackson Pollack etc. While it could be regarded as flattering to be compared with such Masters, I should point out that I have never studied these artists’ ways of expressions. In fact, I have never attended an art class or studied art history. I did attend a drawing class briefly, to get the hang of how to draw the human body with correct proportions etc, but the class bored me and I left it….

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