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End The Cycle, Inc.
Blurbero desde julio de 2010
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Ubicación Kentucky
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Acerca de mi empresa End the Cycle is a two-pronged non-profit ministry that offers Evangelical and Outreach services to prisoners, their families and those at risk of repeating the cycle of imprisonment and the high risk behaviors that got them there. We provide FREE, quality faith-based mentoring and family-strengthening programs for all those longing to end the cycle: focusing specifically on prisoners, families of prisoners and at-risk-youth.

We have seasoned, quality mentors, a Certified Chaplain, a Pastor and many other professionals who work with us to achieve our goals. We are also blessed to utilize one of our key-strengths to be able to help support our mentoring programs. That key-strength is our ability to produce and distribute quality Bible-based literature for any demographic situation. Our experienced, faith-filled writers volunteer their time and gifts to help produce materials that reach youth and adults (in prison and out of prison) with Biblically accurate, simple message.
Áreas de especialización Bible Study materials
Books for children and youth who are at risk
Anger Management books and tools
Books and studies for prisoners and their families
Biblical messages for people caught in addiction and drugs