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Acerca de mi empresa Extreme Tornado Tours offers the most exciting storm chasing experience in the world. Operated by world-renowned storm chasers and degreed research meteorologists, a tornado chasing vacation with Extreme Tornado Tours will be an exhilarating, life-changing experience. Tornadoes have been occurring for millions of years; only within the past 15 years has seeing this rare phenomenon with regularity become possible due to advances in cellular data technology and weather models. Our success rate over the last decade is unparalleled, with over 400 tornadoes intercepted since 1998, including over 30 tornadoes during the 2007 season, over 40 tornadoes during the 2010 season and over 60 tornadoes in the 2011 season. If you would like to safely witness the beauty and power of a tornado from close range with the most experienced storm chasers in the world, then an Extreme Tornado Tour is the perfect vacation for you!