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Jeremy Taylor
Blurbero desde junio de 2009
Nombre Jeremy Taylor
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Ubicación Fairfield, California, USA
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Dream Worker/Writer/Comics Artist
Mi biografía After 40 years of doing projective dream work all over the planet, I am spending more time distilling my experience with archetypal images & metaphors into the international language of comics

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...mastering the art of projective dream work. In fact, that's the working title. It is also a comicbook (Stan Lee sez that's the way we should spell it in the 21st century - all one word.) I enjoyed the process of creating WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT...? so much that I am continuing to work in this universal comicbook form, (so like the dream experience itself...)
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I have plans to do a series of comicbooks focused on dreams, myths, & the creative process. My wife, Kathryn, who turned me on to the wonders of blurb(!) has her own marvelous book about her creative process, particularly her active imagination /drawing /painting process, also available here on blurb, entitled DREAMING WHILE I'M AWAKE. Great book! Check it out...
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Although all sorts of educated people have pretty deep, irrational prejudices against comicbooks, comics are potentially very amusing, moving, and beautiful! (And beauty, particularly in the dream world, is an archetypal symbolic marker for profound spiritual truth!) So - why not pick up some great information, as well as potential spiritual opening, in a more relaxed and amusing fashion? As the Zen Buddhists are always telling us, enlightenment doesn't care how you get there(!)