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Jan Pruim
Blurbero desde julio de 2008
Nombre Jan Pruim
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Ten Boer, The Netherlands
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Associate Professor of Nuclear Medicine
Mi biografía In my working life I work with pixels, lots of them. And in my hobby, photography, things haven't changed much. In my travel photography I try to reflect the impressions I have. So post-processing is being used, but only to a limited extent.
In photography I am autodidactic. My camera bag contains a Canon 30D SLR + several lenses. The most important of those being a Sigma f4-5.6 17-70mm zoom and a Canon EF f1.4 50 mm.
Apart from photography I like (classical) music a lot and therefore like to go to concerts.
Oh yeah, I should not forget ;-): I'm a happily married man for over 25 years with Trix and together we have 3 children: Philip (who also is a keen photographer), Carina (who makes a photograph sometimes) and Irma (who is more into YouTube, filming and plays the viola).

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