Acerca del autor

Rehpohl Studios
Blurbero desde agosto de 2007
Nombre de la empresa Rehpohl Studios
Ubicación Ocala, FL
Número de teléfono de la empresa 352.362-0304
Acerca de mi empresa I incorporated in 1990 to author corporate presentations via digital illustration and animation. I also was called upon to do corporate product photography. My love for the water and nature started me on a long journey of wildlife and nature photography. I thought about doing “people” but with the current release form requirements it is pretty hard doing candid shots so I turned to architecture and that has really been rewarding. Several of my current photo-books have been commissions; and I have to tell you it is very nice being paid for your passion. God is so good!
Áreas de especialización Commercial products, architecture, wildlife, nature and landscape photography.