Juan Carlos De Petre

Caracas, Venezuela
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Juan Carlos De Petre
Born in Santa Fe, Argentina, 1941. He is Theater director, actor, essayist, poet, novelist, playwright, scriptwriter.
Founder of the Theater Altosf of Venezuela in 1976. General director of the above mentioned group up to the present. He tells in his credit more than 50 theatrical assemblies led to Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
In his investigations in more than four decades, he has developed a methodology of theatrical creation called The unknown theater which serves as procedure to the assemblies of the Altosf Group.
He has spread this creative proposal dictating workshops in Europe and Latin America inside universities, official or private theatrical organizations, and to specific groups. He has been a Research Director of the CELCIT (Latin-American Center of Creation and Theatrical Investigation , Venezuela).
He has published:
The Unknown Theater
Four Stage Plays
Desire, Possession and Death (Essay)

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