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Dawn Richards
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Mi biografía Dawn is a published author of best-selling career books: Get That Government Job and Selection Criteria Toolkit. Dawn promised Aunty Pat she'd compile a Family History of the Richards/Corbett families and record some of her precious stories about 'Family'. Twelve months later, this book is that 'promise in print' and will hopefully ensure Aunty Pat's legendary stories are available for future generations. Happy 97th Birthday Aunty Pat!

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Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
This book has some great family stories and photos - chances are you're in it. You won't be in the preview pages (first 15 pages) - that's the Family History part - but, you'll probably be featuring in the following 'Aunty Pat Stories' section with 95 photos. Check it out. This book will soon be available as an ebook so you can view it on your ipad. Cheers