Valladolid, Spain
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“Graffiti doesn’t make your life worse. It just makes your neighborhood look better”. Cless too.

III. When you look at his art you feel that stupid thing of “I could do this myself”. He achieves to make it look like something easy though is not.

Superposition and fusion of the images help to obtain his very personal quest.

Always looking, chasing and finding, he has entered a personal world in occasions self-referencing and another universal, using sometime his own languages codes and some others appropriated or borrowed. 27. Cless enters the world of art the way is should be, without wanting it, as a consequence of personal work that forces to follow always forward: combining the forbidden and public world of the New Yorkers Wild Style on abandoned walls with the private world of his own obsession. Todo Vale. The visual saturation & wastage that he uses as the raw material is a skilled sewing exercise embroidered without a template."

Text by Rubén B.

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