Claudio Charalambous

Surrey, United Kingdom
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Claudio has spent most of his working life in the Catering Industry developing his unique skills and flair, which many people have grown to love and recognise.
He is one of those people that will bring new and exciting ideas to the table constantly searching for quality in his cuisine.

Born into a Greek/Italian family, it is of no surprise that Claudio would be surrounded by Mediterranean flavours from an early age, which was handed down to him from his grandparents to learn and master whilst putting his own twist on some of his favourite recipes.

His love and passion has always been food, which carries throughout his ventures with so many people including notable celebrities trying and tasting the food he has had to offer.

He specialises in many areas but has a soft spot for the BBQ he explained - “ Growing up with a Greek father its a must to know how to BBQ good food” - when finding out about him more we discovered that his flair also carries over into other areas.

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