Camille Swint

Atlanta, Georgia
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My background consists of creativity passed down from birth. My mother was an artist, my grandmother and my great-grandmother was an artist, and my daughter shows signs of artistic abilities. My father took his love of photography to the extreme by taking numerous photos and building his own dark room. I guess my love of art and music began at an early age. Later, I started creating logos and enjoyed anything that was a challenge or allowed me to use my creativity.

Presently, these projects came into fruition based on a love of children and the strong desire to document my child's life. I feel that the contents captures the innocence of these children and hope that they appreciate these memories once they are older.

As a mother, I do not want to miss out on any memorable moments with my child. As a hobbyist photographer, I feel as though I captured fond memories of my child, as well as your child, and I hope you are pleased with the end result.

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