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Community Rejuvenation Project
Blurbero desde noviembre de 2010
Nombre de la empresa Community Rejuvenation Project
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Ubicación Coming soon to a wall near you...
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Acerca de mi empresa Our finest product are beautiful community-created murals that brighten the landscape and honor the local residents. We complement our murals with neighborhood clean-ups, block parties, landscaping and garden installations. We create murals near abandoned lots and work with local residents and food justice organizations to transform the lots into community gardens. Our program employs youth and artists who document our projects through journalism, photography and video. We produce a full-color magazine, S.W.E.A.R, and maintain a website with multimedia updates on our latest projects. We conduct surveys of residents of the neighborhood to gather information and history to make our projects relevant as well as to measure the impact of our work. Our approach offers a cost effective solution to urban blight that reduces recidivist vandalism while enhancing community ownership and providing new avenues for vocational training along with artist and youth employment.
Áreas de especialización CRP has a unique new approach to blight and graffiti abatement called the Painted Walls Theory: replace gray walls with colorful murals better reflecting community values. Murals are vandalized less than gray walls, which are seen as a blank canvas. The city saves money, aerosol artists and youth find employment and a creative outlet instead of being criminalized, and the community is rejuvenated with new artwork and celebration.
Afiliaciones profesionales We are redefining community development, blight, and abatement. The community’s potential to create and innovate resides under the surface in neighborhoods where spaces are blighted and abandoned. Our model uses community engagement and input, community clean-up, murals and community gardens to spark the imagination of local residents and transform lives. Our process provides vocational training to underserved youth. A mural dedication block party solidifies the community’s ownership.

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We revitalize blighted urban spaces with artwork and gardens, provide employment to disadvantaged youth, and create hubs for neighborhood interaction.
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28 large-scale murals done entirely by volunteers in the first official year as a collective??? What's next?