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Mi biografía Wow, what a run. The Blog Aid cookbook was a spectacular success, selling 1818 cookbooks in a little over a week and raising, with matched funds from the Canadian government, $47,166.00 for Haiti relief. A huge thank you to partners and tireless supporters West Canadian Graphics and Blurb, to the writers and bloggers who donated their time and talent via recipes and images that together made a cookbook, and to Cathryn Ironside, who spent countless hours turning that copy into something we could all keep on our kitchen shelves and use to feed our families and friends. What wonderful evidence of what good can come from a single thought, when so many generous people work together to bring an idea to fruition.

I'm so proud of and grateful to everyone involved, and so thankful to all who purchased a copy. Truly - my deepest thanks. Please do continue to support the efforts of the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders as they continue their relief efforts.

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