Bisco Smith

Venice CA x Brooklyn NY
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Elevate thought and contribute to the common good.

I am a creative professional based both in New York City and Los Angeles with an emphasis in art, music, and mentorship. My art has been showcased in galleries and published in art house books and magazines. I also release records, work on beat production, deejay events, and license music to various TV shows, films and video games.

I believe that art, music, and mentorship have the power to add a positive change to the world. I try to keep that value when doing any of my work. It is as important to create art, as it is to help others find that creativity in themselves.

I am always looking to get involved with good people, great companies, and new and exciting projects. If there is something you think we can connect on or you would like to discuss my work, please feel free to contact me below or by email - bisco(at) thanks!

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