Barbara Bourke

Mackay, Queensland, Australia
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We all find inspiration from somewhere or someone. I was lucky and was inspired by many people throughout my life.
In 1972 my husband and our young daughter migrated from Germany to Australia
I always loved to write poetry. A great friend and Photographer, Peter Erbe (who unfortunately has passed away now), ignited my love of photography. He also inspired and shared his love for weight training with me. Many years later I opened my own Fitness Centre in Sydney, Australia.
From then on I started my search for knowledge about the workings of the body and how nutrition is a catalyst for health and wellbeing.
I remarried and moved to Mackay. Luck, or divine intervention, lead me to meet another great person who inspired me. Walter Last, a retired Bio-chemist and Author, helped and guided me toward becoming a Nutritionist. Today I have a clinic in Mackay and also run an internet business, selling nutritional supplements (as recommended by Walter Last), with my friend Judie.

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