Ante Badzim

Sydney, NSW, Australia
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I was born in Canberra, Australia in 1980 and founded illume photography in 1997. My first camera was given to me by my father at the age of 10.

I decided on a life of photography at a young age and was inspired by my parents' history and journey to Australia. My greatest passions in life are photography and travel. Experiencing other cultures and communities broadens one's view of the world, this allows me to capture scenes and events as I see them.

I am humbled to have had work printed in various publications and my photography receiving praise including an 'Outstanding Achievement' for my Life series.

'My World' is my first publication that includes a selection of photographs from 1997 to present.

"Photography is to speak without speaking. Investing time allows you to see your surroundings differently, and its qualities allow you to truthfully photograph. Photography gives me the freedom to uncover what is taken for granted and be a better person" Ante Badzim

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