Carolyn Biossat

Eureka Springs, AR USA
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Knowing our Lord Jesus Christ longs to be intimately involved in every area of my life has changed me and the way I live life! He has shown my husband and me marvelous things to teach and enable and guide us. The Annie Devotional is a collection of some of those lessons as they came to life for us through an adopted Jack Russell Terrier. The reader is invited into our lives and lessons of all kinds as we walk and talk with the Lord daily, living in the hills of northwest Arkansas.

A student of the Word of God for nearly 40 years, I'm now impelled to teach, mentor, speak and write passionately intending others will see the magnificent life available through Jesus Christ. Thirty-one years of teaching primary grades was preparation for laying Biblical foundation for women, as well. Having raised two now-grown sons, my husband and I study the Word together daily and rejoice in the victory the Lord provides as we do.

Dog lover or not, you will enjoy Annie's antics!

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