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Tiffy Pop was born in the cold November of 1988. She popped out already wearing combat boots and having a burning hatred for owls. Tiffy runs through life zombie biting people first and asking questions much later. She is trained in the art of gut punching sarcasm, putting people in arm bars and making the most delicious coffee known throughout the lands . Tiffy resides with to many people but none of them matter cause she only loves her three kitties named Nana, Zipper and Loki. When she can't be found procrastinating on the computer, Tiffy is either playing video games, watching B horror movies while cursing, acting like Jack Sparrow, petting beards or tattooing something ridiculous on herself. Tiffy wanders the earth with a Pokéball in one hand and a coffee mug in the other with a quest to find decent people in South Philadelphia but she thinks it's just a myth.

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