Lesley Ann Mohamad

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK
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In December 1966, in a farming village in Lincolnshire, a little girl was born. As she grew up she was taught by her father about the land and about nature and her surroundings.
Years passed and the little girl grew up and gradually began to forget about everything that she had been taught to appreciate. She wasted alot of years doing wasteful things.
Then one day she met a man and awoke to life again. She discovered Islam, she stopped doing wasteful things and she remembered everything she had been taught.
But...something is different now. Things are changing. That little girl is realising that everything she knew and loved when she was young is disappearing.....and her quest is to capture as much of it as she can before it is gone forever.....
So please, appreciate what you have because it will be gone before you know it....

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